Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Zone Group is a member of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, is active on social media and produce an annual newsletter plus lots more.

“Perth and Kinross has been at the forefront of the Fairtrade Towns movement in Scotland.

Aberfeldy became the first Fairtrade Town in Scotland in 2002 and Kinross-shire became the first Fairtrade County in Scotland in August 2005. Perth became a Fairtrade City in 2005, before other major cities such as Glasgow and Inverness.

There is significant support for Fairtrade in Perth and Kinross. To give just a few examples:

– Fairtrade products are used in the Council’s Hospitality Service;

– There are several Perth & Kinross Council schools which have achieved Fairtrade Status whilst many others have regular Fairtrade events instigated by the pupils themselves;

– The Tayside Procurement Consortium is committed to the promotion of fair and ethical trading;

– The A.K. Bell Library has a café which serves Fairtrade tea and coffee.

– Local Councillors in all wards have taken on the role of Fairtrade Champion in order to pass on information to local community areas about ways in which Fairtrade can be supported throughout Perth and Kinross.

The Council passed a resolution, which demonstrates ongoing support for Fairtrade.

In 2020 Perth & Kinross renewed its Fairtrade Zone status! Being a Fairtrade Zone is a powerful message that we, the people of Perth and Kinross, care about the lives of workers in developing countries and we want to play an active role in fighting global poverty”. Read more from Perth and Kinross Council about Fair Trade. 

Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Zone Group is active on social media sharing campaigns and information, and promoting Fair Trade businesses. Follow them on Facebook.

They also produce newsletters with information about their activities. Read all about the Group and their work in the newsletters below.

Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Zone Group Newsletter 2020
Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Zone Group Newsletter front page
Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Zone Group Newsletter 2022 front page image

Photo credits: Perth and Kinross Fairtrade Zone Group

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