Join the movement for trade and climate justice

Join the movement for trade and climate justice

Launched today for #COP26 – watch and share

“The devastating impact of the climate crisis on the most marginalised and who are least responsible for the current status is of grave concern”.

Roopa Mehta, WFTO President

In our short film launched today, we hear from Roopa Mehta, World Fair Trade Organisation; Adam Gardner, Fairtrade Foundation; Aimable Nshimiye, Sholi Coffee and from Scotland Martin Rhodes, Scottish Fair Trade Forum; Ben Murenzi , Tanifiki Cafe and Rafiki Coffee and Naima Fenderl, Campaigner.

We are highlighting that there can be no climate justice without trade justice as Fair Trade famers pick up the bill for a crisis they have done least to cause.

We need governments to listen to those dealing with the impacts of climate change, like Aimable Nshimiye of Sholi Coffee, and to give them a leading role in deciding how the $100 billion is spent.

Let’s support Fair Trade, buy Fair Trade, get MSPs to pledge support, and tell our governments to #befaircop26.


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