COP26 statement: Placing fairness at the heart of climate ambitions

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COP26 statement: Placing fairness at the heart of climate ambitions

16 September 2021

Global Fair Trade movement statement for COP26

Along with the Fairtrade Foundation, the World Fair Trade Organization, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and other Fair Tarde organisations, we have issued a joint statement in advance of COP26 in Glasgow in November.

There Is No Climate Justice Without Fair Trade

The statement puts the case that the international community must confront trade injustice, enforce transparency and accountability in supply chains, and secure climate financing mechanisms, living incomes and wages for the world’s smallholder agricultural producers, artisans and workers in order to successfully address the climate crisis and guarantee a sustainable future for all.

“When delegates to COP26 gather in Scotland in a few weeks’ time, they need to put trade justice at the centre of the discussions about climate. The response to the climate emergency needs to be environmental, social and economic. The world won’t create a truly effective plan to tackle the climate emergency unless it deals with the ways business and trade is carried out.”

Martin  Rhodes, Chief Executive, Scottish Fair Trade Forum


Read the full position paper.

Read more from the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

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