Vlog by Kyle Academy’s Fairtrade Group for Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation

Vlog by Kyle Academy’s Fairtrade Group for Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation

Scotland – A Fair Trade Nation for 10 Years



Reflections on what it means to be a Fair Trade Nation

Being a Fair Trade Nation makes me twice as proud – I am first of all proud that I am Scottish and get to live in the best country in the world but also I am proud that the people of Scotland care about people all over the world and care for our planet.

FAIRTRADE helps us put People and Planet before Profits.

Photo: Kyle Academy Fairtrade Group

Reflections on what has been achieved by groups and schools

– We are all part of the Fairtrade group at Kyle Academy in Ayr in the South West of Scotland. Our school has been doing Fairtrade since 2004.

– That’s before any of us were even born! – That’s a huge legacy for us and it comes with a huge responsibility too.

– When pupils at Kyle achieved Fairtrade status for the school, that helped Ayr become a Fairtrade town.

– And when Ayr, Prestwick and Troon became Fairtrade towns that helped South Ayrshire become a Fairtrade zone.

– And that all helps us stay a Fairtrade nation.

Who knew kids like us could make such a difference in the world!

What it means to you to have been part of this?

Alex (14) “I enjoy being able to help around the school.”

Liam (12) “I think its important be part of something bigger at school.”

What still needs to be achieved?

We know this is only the beginning of our Fairtrade journey.

Until all trade is fair and equal and stops exploiting people and the environment, in favour of making a few people more money, we need to keep spreading the message about Fair Trade and trade justice and how it links to and supports climate justice.

We have to stop thinking about just our wee corner of the world and our wee group of neighbours and realise that we share a common home the earth and we are all part of the human family.

Why we need a Fair Trade Future

We are only children and young people, but we know how important Fair Trade is to future generations – how important it is to the survival of our planet and our species. If we don’t make positive changes now, if we don’t care about our food and the people who grow it and about how products are made and used and re-used. There will be no future for any of us.


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