Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation Reception

Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation Reception

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night to mark Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation

See our social media for all the #10years and #FairTradeFuture messages of support and activity during this week 18-25 February. More still to be posted over the next couple of days!

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Official photos to follow.

Thank you also to those who weren’t able to join us but who sent good wishes.

Aberdeenshire Fair Trade Steering Group are delighted to share in the celebrations of Scotland being a Fair Trade Nation for 10 years! We will continue to support Fair Trade across Aberdeenshire through our steering group and our local community groups. Claudia Cowie, Chair, Aberdeenshire Fair Trade Steering Group.

Congratulations on 10 years as a fair trade nation! I remember the long slow process of getting to fair trade nation status, in Scotland and in Wales. It took a long time to get there, but great now to be celebrating 10 years, and able to look back on all your achievements. I am sorry that I won’t be able to join you for your celebration on 23rd February, but send you my congratulations, and my very best wishes for the next 10 years.

Jan Tucker, Fair Dos

The University and College Union (UCU) Scotland sends its best wishes and congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Scotland becoming a fair trade nation.  Both the higher education sector and trade unions have played important roles supporting fair trade, and on the 10th anniversary its worth reflecting on the progress made and what more has to be done. Many congratulations on the anniversary and best wishes for the future.”

Mary Senior, UCU Scotland

Congratulations from the Shared Interest team on Scotland’s 10 years as a Fair Trade Nation.  We stand with you in looking forward to a Fair Trade Future.

Patricia Alexander, Shared Interest

Our farmers here at Kasinthula Cane Growers Association and farmers around the world benefit a lot from Fair Trade. I therefore encourage Scotland to continue supporting Fair Trade.

Nduzani Zaya

Bruce Crowther, Founder, Fair Trade Towns Movement

We at Strathaven were delighted when Martin Rhodes  joined us to help celebrate our 10 years as a Fairtrade town in November 2012 shortly before Scotland achieved status as a Fairtrade country. We are delighted now to be part of the celebration of Scotland achieving 10 years as a Fairtrade nation. This, of course, means we in Strathaven have just celebrated 20 years as Fairtrade town. We must acknowledge our gratitude to those who first brought Fair Trade goods and the issues of justice in trade to our town, well over thirty years ago, and started us on our journey to Fair Trade status.

One of the ways in which we continue to promote Fair Trade recently has been to publish, in our local paper, interviews with all the businesses in the town who support Fairtrade, ethical and sustainable practices. We have published over eight of these and we aren’t finished yet. There can be no greater sign of a Fairtrade nation than to have Fairtrade, ethical and sustainable practices right down at the grassroots: the people of Scotland out there looking for and supporting Fairtrade wherever they find it.

Congratulations to Martin and the Scottish Fairtrade Forum for all they do to ensure that Scotland continues in the direction of Fairtrade and trade justice for all. We in Strathaven remain committed to raising awareness of the importance of justice in trading practice and encouraging the widest possible use of fairly traded produce.

Strathaven Fairtrade Group

Thank you for the invitation, I am sorry I won’t be able to join you.  You have done a great job of being a Fairtrade Nation, a good combination of local, national and international work particularly in Malawi and the Fairtrade Debate is alway food for thought.  10 years is something to celebrate and a good occasion to bring people together to thank them for their support and to inspire them for work ahead.

Do send our congratulations and best wishes from London, the Largest Fairtrade City in the world.

Sophi Tranchell

Fairtrade London, Chair

Transform Trade would like to offer our hearty congratulations to the Scottish Fair Trade Forum on the 10th Anniversary of Scotland achieving Fair trade Nation status!

This inspiring achievement clearly demonstrates Scotland’s commitment to global responsibility, sustainability and the vital importance of protecting future generations of people, our shared  planet and its abundant resources.

Being a Fair Trade Nation bears testament that the people and organisations of Scotland truly understand the importance of treating all people fairly, and ensuring that the farmers, workers, growers and artisans in supply chains are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

We at Transform Trade are very grateful for a loyal and resilient core of supporters across the whole of Scotland who show their affinity with our shared values through their generosity, energy and dedication to the continuing fight for trade and climate justice – the fight to transform trade, so everybody benefits.

Congratulations, Scotland!

Charlotte Timson, Transform Trade

We at Zaytoun heartily congratulate the Scottish Fair Trade Forum for their work to make Scotland a Fair Trade Nation of ten years’ standing. Palestinian producers have enjoyed the warmest of Scottish welcomes in homes, community centres and Fair Trade shops during frequent speaking tours over the past decade. Thanks to the SFTF, these producer voices have also been heard by MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.

Though the world has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, the Scottish people have shown unwavering and passionate support for justice, equality and sustainability for producers everywhere.

Thank you for all you do, and here’s to the next ten years of Scottish Fair Trade!


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